Viscosoft pillow


Memory foam pillow with double anti-stress fabric cover with a zip.

The Velfont Viscosoft pillow is made with a specially formulated core that enables low firmness while maintaining the rest of the properties of the memory foam. Its double anti-stress cover contains carbon filaments that absorb and eliminate the static electricity accumulated in our bodies.

This pillow is ideal for: people of a medium stature who sleep on their back, people of a large stature who sleep on their stomach and people of a small stature who sleep on their side.

Additional information




Outer cover fabric: 99% polyester microfiber - 1% carbon
Inner fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% high-density viscoelastic polyurethane

Care instructions
Outer cover fabric
Filling and inner fabric

Key points

- Pillow with double cover with zip
- Anti-stress microfiber fabric
- High-density memory foam core
- Particularly recommended for people of a medium stature who sleep face upwards

Ergonomic viscoelastic
With outer cover
Removes static electricity
Relaxing and anti-stress effect
On your back
Medium stature
Medium-soft pillow

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