New Jersey Pillowcase


Knitted cotton pillowcase

Collection of colourful bed linen, quiet and timeless, made of elastic knitted “jersey” cotton fabric. Designed to dress your bed in a natural way bringing that harmony plus to your home.

Seven mottled colours, with essential shades to personalise your dreams: Zen Grey, Soft Lavander, Sky Blue, Nordic Beige, Pure White, Graphite Grey and Earth Taupé.

Pillowcase with pouch closure.

In order to create your own universe of relaxation, this pillowcase comes with a matching duvet and bottom sheet.

A pillowcase ideal for comfort lovers, lovers of the things that make you feel at home, of the clothes that make you feel so comfortable that you often do not even remember them, because you simply… feel good.

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Fabric: 100% cotton

Care instructions

Key points

- 100% knitted cotton fabric
- Timeless colours collection
- Soft bedding bringing harmony
- Designed for comfort lovers
- For mattress heights up to 30 cm and lengths up to 200cm


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