Mekong mattress protector


Mekong waterproof & Hyper-breathable 3 Layer Double-sided Bamboo mattress protector.

The Velfont Mekong Waterproof & Hyper-breathable Double-sided Bamboo mattress protector is made from knitted bamboo fabric on both sides of the mattress protector, ensuring maximum absorbency, softness and freshness. The Neotherm® membrane is hidden between the two outer layers, making this a waterproof and Hyper-breathable product, ensuring full protection against liquids and dustmites, as the membrane acts a physical barrier to prevent the mites from penetrating the mattress.

Exclusive to Velfont products, the Neotherm® membrane makes our waterproof bed sheets the most breathable on the market. When sleeping on these products, the perspiration released by the body evaporates more easily to ensure a comfortable sleep without sweating.

This protector safeguards the mattress practically and comfortably, as it adjusts just like a fitted bed sheet. The Bamboo Double-sided mattress protector adapts to mattress lengths up to 200 cm and heights up to 30 cm.

This mattress protector is ideal for: people looking for natural materials that combine waterproof protection and Hyper-breathability.

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Fabric of the 2 outer sides: 100% bamboo
Membrane: waterproof and Hyper-breathable Neotherm® membrane

Care instructions

Key points

- Invisible waterproof and Hyper-breathable membrane: greater breathability than any other waterproof mattress protector on the market
- Fabric: Bamboo that gives great absorbency, softness and natural freshness
- For mattress heights up to 30 cm and lengths up to 200 cm

Maximum absorption guaranteed

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